Monster Depot Ski Hire

Jindabyne – Snowy Mountains

Now closed for season 2023
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Epic snow holidays – start here!

Monster DEPOT Ski Hire provides an enormous selection of Skis, Snowboards and Snow Play equipment for hire in the Snowy Mountains. We also offer an excellent range of warm gloves, comfortable goggles, stylish beanies and an interesting array of snow and tourist accessories in store for sale.

  • Pre order & save with online discounts

  • Well maintained equipment

  • Friendly & experienced fitters

  • Early Return Refund policies

  • Flexible early pick up/drop off times

  • Competitive rental rates

  • Group hire specialists

Have fun when you hire your ski, snowboards or snow play gear from Monster Depot Ski Hire


Get your snow holiday started today. Choose from the ADULT, CHILD & EXTRA options featured below, which include ski, snowboard, clothing, snow play and the range of accessories we have for snow gear rental.

Adult Ski Snowboard and Clothing Hire
Child Ski Snowboard and Clothing Hire
Accessories including helmets, toboggans, wrist guards, boots hire